Sing your Blues Away… Singing Aids in Parental Relaxation!

Lullabies and children’s songs- good for your baby or child, but did you know that singing to and with them benefits you as well? Research indicates that part of the benefit of singing for your baby or child is the relaxation and stress relief that it offers parents. We are all born with our own internal tempo- the steady pace of our own heart beat and breathing. When presented with music which is faster than that beat, our body responds by increasing its heartbeat and respiration rate, and we experience this as stimulating or exciting. Present us with music slower than our internal tempo, and the heart and breathing slow in response- we feel this as soothing and calming. The physical act of sustaining breath for song slows and deepens our breathing, and results in a feeling of soothing and well-being on the part of the singer as oxygen levels increase and heart rate slows. Parents who sang with or for their children, especially lullabies, reported feelings of decreased stress, increased feelings of well-being, and increased feelings of connection with their child. So feeling stressed? Sing, sing, sing!


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