How to contact Miss Wendy, and what about snow days??

My email is changing! As I learn to move at a faster speed, computer-wise, so that I can be more accessible to all of you, my old snail’s-pace contact has been altered; my new email is Have a question, a comment, a picture or story to share? Reach me there!

Speaking of questions, this time of year always brings the refrain- how do we know if class is canceled for the weather? There are two answers to that:

1. if the Clarence school district is closed BECAUSE OF SNOW (not faculty days or mechanical problems), we are also closed.

2. I will post my studio closings due to weather on Channel 2 weather hotline- this can be viewed on TV or online. I will be listed as Kindermusic with Wendy Jones (yes, they always get the spelling wrong), and will run this if either the Clarence District is closed or if I choose to close because, in my estimation, the weather is too severe or conditions are unsafe and the district is just holding out… This will generally be posted by 7am; if the conditions are changing, and not for the better, it may be listed as late as 8am.


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